Middle East Refinery Industry Report 2014 - Analysis of Markets, Infrastructure, Supply - Demand, Companies and Investments to 2020 - Global Industry Size, Share, Trend, Strategy and Growth

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Middle East Africa Refining industry report from OGAnalysis is a complete guide for all companies looking for designing new entry, expansion, M&A, trading, construction and other business development strategies.

To view the table of contents for this market research report please visit : http://www.researchmoz.us/middle-east-refinery-industry-outlook-report-q3-2014-analysis-of-markets-infrastructure-supply-demand-companies-and-investments-to-2020-report.html

The report provides complete information on Middle East Africa refining trends, outlook, business prospects, companies, infrastructure and investments. The refinery report provides details of major trends driving the industry to 2020 along with key drivers and issues faced by refiners in the region. Key investment, new entry and expansion opportunities offered in all the existing and emerging refining markets are evaluated in detail. For each of the refining market, details of operational and planned refineries along with the refinery wise primary and secondary capacity (CDU, coking, FCC, Hydrocracking) outlook to 2020 is provided.

Further, key companies operating in each of the refining sector and company wise outlook of capacities is provided. In addition, business profiles of 5 major refining companies along with their SWOT analysis are provided. Latest industry developments and their impact on the industry and players are also detailed in the refinery report.

Scope Of The Report

Complete database of Middle East Africa refineries, markets and companies

12 refining markets analyzed across Middle East and 22 markets in Africa

150+ operational and planned refinery details including location, start up, status, company, capacity, expansions

Investment/ new business opportunities across the region

Country and refinery wise CDU, Coking, Fluid catalytic Cracking, Hydrocracking capacity outlook from 2005 to 2020

Analysis of operations and new projects of all refining...

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