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1. Are you 18 or over?

a. Yes (Proceed to Q. 2)

b. No (End Questionnaire. Thank You.)

2. Do you use the World Wide Web?

a. Yes (Proceed to Q. 3)

b. No (End Questionnaire. Thank You)

3. We would like to ask you some questions regarding the use of social sites online. Have you used any social media sites before? (EX: Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

a. Yes (Proceed to Q. 4)

b. No (Skip to Q. 8)

4. Which social media do you use on a regular basis?

5. Why do you choose to use these applications or programs?

6. Where do you check your social media?

a. Home

b. Office

c. School

d. Mobile Phone

e. Other: .

7. On average how long do you spend on these sites per day?

a. 0-15 minutes

b. 16-30 minutes

c. 31-59minutes

d. 1-3 Hours

e. 3+ Hours

8. Where do you look to find activities or events that interest you?

a. Internet

b. Magazines

c. Newspaper

d. Word of Mouth

e. Other: .

9. What kinds of activities do you prefer to take part in?

a. Concerts

b. Outdoor Activity

c. Sporting Event

d. Recreational

e. Other:

10. How often do you conduct online searches for activities or events you would like to attend?

a. Never

b. Daily

c. Weekly

d. Monthly

e. Yearly .

11. Have you ever used a site such as TravBuddy?

a. Yes (Proceed to Q. 11)

b. No (Skip to Q. 12)

12. If you have used TravBuddy, what were aspects of the site that you liked and/or disliked?

a. Never

b. Daily

c. Weekly

d. Monthly

e. Yearly

13. When are you likely to have the most free time?

a. Weekday

b. Weekend

c. Both

14. Do you attend Live Entertainment shows?

a. Yes (Proceed to Q. 15)

b. No (Skip to Q. 17)

15. Please rank the following events in order of most enjoyable, 1 being love it, 5 being hate it....