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Following instructions exactly are important skills that

all individuals need in their lives. There are many instances wherein

the ability to follow specific orders is needed. There are many more

instances wherein the inability to do so could result in fatal errors

and irrevocable harm. These dire consequences could not only affect the

individual who could not follow instructions closely but could also affect

the one giving the instructions and also other individuals relying on the

results of the given instructions .

Following instructions can also be essential in the family setting.

Parents have to be able to teach their children how to follow instructions

because it will prove essential to their later success in life. In the

family, not being able to follow instructions can lead to anger and bad

family relationships. Although parents are supposed to guide their

children in their growth, children should also be able to obey their

parents as a means of respect and acknowledgement that it will be for

their own good. When children, therefore, are not able to follow

instructions, they are skipping out on an opportunity to learn something.

Not following instructions also jeopardizes the goodwill within the

family and may create unnecessary tension.

In an individual’s career, following instructions also proves to be vital.

Not following the exact instructions in application forms may result in

an individual not being hired for the job such as when contact

information was not properly filled out. Having a successful career requires discipline and care.

This includes being able to take the time to know what is required of

and following those instructions properly.

An individual not following the boss ' orders correctly could well end up

on the receiving end of a harsh reprimand or even of a termination


Following directions are more crucial in certain career paths such as

when one decides...