Occupational Profile and Analysis Assignment

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Occupational Profile and Analysis Assignment

Kyle Murray

Elizabethtown College

Dr. Angela Salvadia

OT 112 A

April 2014


The interview took place on March 28, 2014 at 5:00 pm at the client’s place of employment, Trinity Cooperative Day Nursery, using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM). The COPM is used as an initial assessment to identify, name, validate, and prioritize areas of concern in occupational performance and areas requiring further assessment to understand the factors underlying problems of occupational performance. The Interviewer was Kyle Murray and the interviewee will be called John Smith.

Occupational Profile:

The client is a part-time employed male with two children and a fiance. Client recently lost infant daughter. Client is involved with church and is important to extended family.

Occupational Analysis:

The client, a thirty year-old man, is troubled in multiple aspects of his life. Since the death of his 9 month old daughter, he has trouble socializing with family and friends at times. He describes days when he does not want to be around people, prefers being alone, and is therefore bothered when he needs to interact with family or friends on those days. This is particularly difficult because before the loss of his daughter, he was a key figure in the lives of his extended family providing assistance and support in various ways, such as helping his nieces and nephews with their homework. He also is currently seeking full-time employment but is having difficulty because of his emotional instability. He has indicated having difficulty maintaining a preferred pattern of hygiene due to his variable work schedule. Also, due to a previous ankle surgery the client has some trouble with dressing in colder temperatures and transfers are difficult. The client expressed lack of functional...