Franchise Importance Within Different Cultures

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Franchise Importance within Different Cultures

Cameron Cochran

DeVry University

I think it is important when talking about oversees, to look at things from their viewpoint. You may want to think about how sports fit into their lives. Soccer is a commonly known cultural difference from America compared to other countries. In other countries, soccer does not exist. “Soccer” in other countries is considered Football. One problem that is discussed between other countries and America is the fact that we call our sport Football seeing how the foot is not even close to the biggest aspect of the game. Cultural difference is also another topic that tends to be a large obstacle. Market research is something that is almost considered to be a must when trying to introduce American sports to other countries. Just because America enjoys it, does not mean that other countries will as well. Also, after researching, I found out a fact dealing with soccer here in America. I primarily do not watch a lot of soccer so I tend to not pay attention to the players of team USA in professional soccer. It has been brought to my attention though that the U.S is recruiting foreign athletes from other countries to play soccer for us here in America. Now, to relate this to a business standpoint, when businesses attempt to go global, they have to be willing to adapt to that countries customs and rules. Well, the same applies for sports; although it might mean how they play the sport, the rules of the sport, and the overall sportsmanship rules and regulations are different from country to country. To conclude the answer to this question, the biggest thing to understand when taking sport franchises overseas, is to “make sure we understand the cultures, customs, values, language, attitudes, and personal communication of these countries (“What Cultural, 2014”).”

International marketing with a particular or successful brand is not easy according to my research. I learned that you have to...