Eng 092 Progress Check 1

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Progress Check #1


PART A: List the five active reading strategies. Explain each strategy in one or two sentences. (5 pts. each for a total of 25 pts).

1. Predicting- You would preview whatever you are reading and guess what it is going to be about .

2. Visualizing- In this step you want to create a picture of what is going on as you are reading.

3. Making Connections- You want to make a connection on what you all ready know with your prior knowledge. You want to paint a picture in your head as you are reading

4. Questioning- You want think of questions about what you are reading, and try to find the answers for them.

5. Summarizing- You want to come up with a recap on what you have just read.

PART B: Identify the strategies being modeled in the following passage. (10 pts.)

| | |

|Computer Viruses | |

| | |

|A computer virus is programmed to raid and attack existing | |

|computer programs. The virus is sent by an e-mail or activated |1. I think it will be about computer viruses. |

|through a download. The virus program then infects the whole | |

|computer system. The virus attaches itself to other programs in |Predicting |

|the computer and copies itself. Some computer viruses are |...