Who Taught Me How to Read

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My mother was the person who taught me how to read and write, my dad had some input but my mother is the one I give credit to. My mother is a phenomenal person, she is very intelligent. My mom raised four kids with the help of my father until he passed. So far she has done an excellent job. Although my mom didn’t go to college she still had the knowledge and credentials to teach four children how to read and write, as if she did go to college. Now she has three children in college and one junior in high school thanks to her help of teaching us how to read and write.

As far as I could remember the first thing my mom taught me how to read and write was my name. Even though I already knew how to pronounce my name, my mother still wanted to make sure I knew how to read it and write it. At the age of four I fully understood how to read and write my name thanks to my mother. Then we worked on bigger stuff like books and homework from school as I got older. By the time I was in the first grade I had the concept down of reading and writing really good. A moment in my life from when my mom taught me how to read and write that stood out to me was when I was the second grade. I was new to reading chapter books and I was very excited to get a chapter book. It was a stormy, rainy, gloomy day.

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It was very wet outside and I could hear the wind brush up against my room window. As I watch the rain drops hit the ground, I was patiently waiting on my mom to get home. She comes home and I rushed down the stairs to her. With no time to put her bags down she says since it’s raining outside, we are going to take a trip to the neighborhood library. I was very anxious because, I knew I wasn’t going to get baby book this time. I could finally check out a chapter book. We finally make to the library which is the State Library of...