How Has the Internet Changed the Recruting Process

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How Has The Internet Changed The Recruiting Process?

Dalisha Jordan

Kaplan University

GB520: Strategic Human Resource Management


In recent years online recruiting has experienced rapid growth among organizations. While some still have a few concerns about what online recruiting entails and how it works, it has continued to be embraced. The recruiting process has changed over time and is now much different than many years before. This research paper will examine the question “How has the internet changed the recruiting process?” This paper takes a look into online recruiting and how online recruiting is put into action.


Online recruitment methods are rapidly growing and being used by numerous organizations. To remain up to date with new trends, technology, and stay competitive organizations have left the more traditional recruiting methods to adopt the methods of online recruiting. Even with the skepticism that comes along with online recruiting, it still has a huge following among hiring professionals. This research paper examines the question “Has the internet changed the recruiting process?”

The Internet as a Recruiting Method

Recruitment is the process of selecting and hiring the most qualified individuals to fill an open position at an organization. “Given that an organization’s performance is a direct result of the individuals it employs, the specific strategies used and decisions made in the staffing process will directly impact on organization’s success or lack thereof” (Mello, 2011). There are many methods that can be used when recruiting employees. The more traditional methods, that organizations have used for numerous years include newspaper advertisements, employee referrals, and temp agencies. For many years’ traditional methods of recruiting was an effective way to reach potential employees. However, with the rise of the internet there has been rapid growth in e-recruitment.

The rise of the internet has transformed the...