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We have been assign to do a research on one of the services and we have chosen the TGV cinema as our main service because entertainment is one of the industry that people demand and need the most.

As we can see, the function of a cinema is to provide people the latest movies and also a comfortable atmosphere for people to relax and at the same time, indulge themselves in the fantasies of a movie. By providing comfortable surroundings such as spacious seat, air-conditioned room and others to the consumers, they will surely be able to chill and enjoy themselves.

Through this assignment, we will basically talk about the background of the company, the situation analysis, the SWOT analysis, services offered and some others related topics about the TGV cinemas Sdn. Bhd. We will also talk about the competitor of TGV cinema and what new services they can offer to the public so that consumers will feel more convenient and comfortable when they are watching movies.

Briefly, we are going to learn to do blueprint on the three new recommended services from tangible to intangible and of course, the problems that the TGV cinema are facing and what is the solutions to solve the problems. All of these will be determined and identified in the following topics and sub-topics.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our madam for helping us throughout the whole period and giving enough instructions and explanations on what to do in this assignment. Not to forget to all the group members for giving full cooperation and commitment in completing this assignment.


TGV Cinemas is formerly known as Tanjong Golden Village. It is the second largest cinema chain in Malaysia. The largest competitor of this cinema is Golden Screen Cinema. This cinema was opened since 1995 at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. TGV Cinemas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tanjong Public Limited Company. Since its inception in 1995, TGV...