Recession Marketing

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Management research project

Project proposal

Project proposed:

Recession Marketing Strategies: How the STARBUCKS able to sustain the down turn in 2008-09.

Description of project in brief:

During the economic down turn many organisations were in state of loosing the market share and profit margins and were on the verge of bankruptcy. Even in the tough situations like these some organisations sustained their market and profits because of their marketing strategies. Study of these organisations will hep us in better understanding the marketing importance during the recession. One of such company is “Starbucks Corp.”.

Objective of the Project:

The aim of the project is to evaluate the marketing strategies that have to be adopted during the recession period and to study the marketing strategies adopted by of Starbucks Corp. to sustain during the Recession.


The Methodology used in the research are descriptive analysis and statistical analysis based on the secondary data.

Limitations of the study:

Since of Starbucks Corp. is not there in India this study has to be done in U.S context with reference to the consumer behaviour in the country.

Availability of data is through secondary sources since direct contact with the organisation for data is not possible.

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A V N Rahul Varma


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Recession is a normal part of the business cycle. It is the significant decline in activity across the economy, lasting longer than a few months. It is visible in industrial production, employment, real income and wholesale-retail trade. As a result of such a wide-spread global recession, the economies of virtually all the world's developed and developing nations suffered extreme set-backs and numerous government policies were implemented to help prevent a similar future financial crisis.

In marketing the recession is a phenomenon of decreasing demand for raw...