Qualities of Good Parents

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Rearing and educating a child is tougher than giving birth to a baby. Additionally, parents are most influential in any child’s development. In my opinion, the three most important qualities a parent should have are devotion, ability to discipline his/her child and understanding.

In the first place, parents should devote themselves to their task of parenting. Some parents spend most of their time in work or their pursuits and almost leave their children to others. However, time and attention you give to your children are critical to their proper emotional development. For example, parents who frequently talk with their children and listen to their feelings have stronger relationship with the children than those who don’t. With much care received from parents, children will feel wanted and that parents really love them. Conversely, neglected children can have cold and distant manner when they grow up.

Beside love and care, good parents need effective discipline to teach their children. As parents are the first and closest teachers, they play a crucial role in shaping children’s manners. Parents’ rules and standards in family influence how children behave and treat others in the society. By assigning household chores to children like doing the dishes, for instance, parents can teach children about work, responsibility, and train them not to be lazy. Thus, good parents should well prepare their children for what are waiting for them outside of family.

Last but not least, understanding is a quality good parents should have. Due to the age gap, parents are unlikely to comprehend children’s thought. A mother or father can react aggressively after discovering that his/her teenaged daughter has a boyfriend. However, parents should remember their feelings when they were small to better understand their children. With understanding, parents can give children sensible advice when they have trouble and become their great friends.

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