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Q1 How does the dabbawala organization achieve its high service performance? What is their secret for success?

1. external factors

From the external environment, the city is characterized by a well-functioning Mumbai dabbawalas provide adequate logistics infrastructure and tourists.

1.1 suburban railway system

A total length of 303 km in Mumbai suburban railway system, the main areas of Mumbai series. Dabbawalas meal is roughly in these two regions to the north and south between Mumbai. They train station for lunch each distribution center, again vicinity radiation, thereby greatly reducing the distribution costs.

1.2 Customer source

Mumbai is a city of narrow terrain north suburban neighborhood residents, is south of the center of the office, the business district. As India's largest city and the commercial and financial center, Mumbai is India's white-collar and white-collar workers the most concentrated areas; but high prices also makes Mumbai citizens (even the middle class) can only live in the northern suburbs. In addition, most people are retained in Mumbai eat lunch at home custom meals, which is more dabbawalas provides ample source.

2. internal factors

2.1 flat, highly efficient organizational design

Exhibit 1 The Dabbawala Organization

Dabbawala’s organizational structure has only 3 layers. Executive Committee of the Association is the highest level of five people responsible for organizing, coordinating emergency services, wages and benefits, and foreign exchanges and other matters. The second layer is a group of people in charge of the Association of Dabbawala (approximately 20-25 team leader, managing 200 teams). They are usually experienced old dabbawalas ( generally accumulated over 10 years of experience ) , responsible for allocating lunch boxes, recording payments and out , sometimes have to resolve disputes , to win new customers, new work necessary to give guidance . Of course, they also have to transport their lunch boxes. The...