Sci 275 Water Resource Plan

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My selection of my water resource plan is water pollution. Humans is the main reason water pollution exists. It is caused by the contamination of any waters such as lakes, rivers, and oceans, where pollutants, chemicals, oil, and waste are dumped. Waste or sewage is the biggest issue with water pollution, this ruins water for human use, animal life, and destroys our planet. A good organized plan will lessen the problem of water pollution. There needs to be stricter laws of waste and fuel dumping, along with filtration and treatment plants put into place to continue toward the solution of getting rid of the water pollutants. There is so much of this water pollution going on, illegally I’m sure, not enough is being done about it. There should be testing of what this compost waste actually contains that is dumped into the waters.

My view and goal of this plan would be to bring water pollution to as much of a complete stop as I can. I think the more people are educated on water pollution, they would be on board with this goal, as this problem is concerning our safety and health more and more every day. To the people who do know what is happening, governments, businesses, boats, ships, everything that applies to the dumping of these pollutants, don’t seem to care about what they are doing to the environment. This is what needs to end, it’s not about getting the job done and placing whatever the company tells you to into the water just to get a certain job done and have a place to discard these chemicals. Not only causing sickness to humans and hurting the wildlife, these substances are destroying the habitats of many living things as well. There are many other safer, more ‘green’ ways to clean the water and filter these elements before anything is laid into our waters. Just like ‘nonpoint source pollution comes from runoff, such as rainfall or snowmelt, moving over and through the ground, picking up pollutants as it goes.’ A watershed is in the...