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1. _____ relates to any computer-based tool people use to work with information and to support the information processing needs of the organization.

a. 0 IT architecture

b. 0 IT infrastructure

c. 0 IT (Information Technology)

d. 0 Information systems (IS) Objective: Identify components of a database.

2. _____ are designed to correct a lack of communications among _____.

a. 0 Office automation systems, expert systems

b. 0 Transaction processing systems, functional area IS

c. 0 ERP systems, functional area IS

d. 0 Dashboards, office automation systems Objective: Describe roles of the information systems department.

3. A listing of all courses offered at your university would be considered _____, where a listing of all courses required in your major along with the credit hours and prerequisite requirements would be considered _____.

a. 0 information, data

b. 0 knowledge, information

c. 0 information, knowledge

d. 0 data, information

Week Two: Data gathering, storage, and uses Objective: Recognize data management issues.

4. Which of the following is not a source for external data?

a. 0 Commercial databases

b. 0 Corporate databases

c. 0 Sensors

d. 0 Satellites

Objective: Identify components of a database.

5. Place the following members of the data hierarchy in the correct order:

a. 0 Bit, byte, field, record, database, file

b. 0 Bit, field, byte, record, file, database

c. 0 Byte, bit, record, field, database

d. 0 Bit, byte, field, record, file, database

Objective: Describe the relationship between data, information, and knowledge.

6. _____ is a formal approach to managing data consistently across an entire organization.

a. 0 Database management

b. 0 Enterprise information management

c. 0 Data warehousing

d. 0 Data governance

Objective: Compare e-business and e-commerce.

7. Electronic commerce provides opportunities to do all of the following except:

a. 0 Companies expand their reach

b. 0 Companies expand at relatively...