Project Management in Aviation

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Project Management in Aviation

Embry Riddle University MGMT 391

Introduction to Project Management

Douglas Broom

December 15, 2013

Project Management in Aviation Page 1

This paper will provide information on using project management in the aviation environment. In the aviation industry we see project management used more by the manufacturing environment then in the airline side of aviation. Project management is used in both fields but in the manufacturing industry project management is a part of the process improvement of building a product. In process improvement project management can be used to direct the implementation of improving the manufacturing ability of the company, reduce costs, and ensure that the needs of the customer are meet. Project Management ensures that all the goals and requirement for the project to succeed are addressed and someone is in charge of meeting these goals.

To understand what Project Management is first you need to understand what a project is. A project is something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; it can be a large or major undertaking requiring a great deal of money, personnel, and equipment. That is the definition of a project found in www.dictionary.reference .com. A better example of what a project is can be found in An Introduction to Project Management 4th Edition, Schwalbe 2012, “A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.” Production in the manufacturing industry is the designing and creation of something. The design and making of a product is done through a project. The making of a product or service with the least amount of cost or waste is a lean project, this is the type of project seen in the aviation industry Lean Project Management p. 1.

Project management is controlling the outcome of a project by using skills,...