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Anchor Global Insurance: Number and Cost of Employees by Region

1.Taking the US and S.E.Asia together, what proportion of the total number of full time staff do they employ?

A.56.1% B.62.4% C.65.0% D.66.3% E.69.4%

2.If,next year,the costs for full time staff go up by 10%,but those for part time staff go up by 8%,what increase in the total employment cost would that represent over this year’s total?

A.$4,536,000 B.$8,536,000 C.$10,464,000 D.$12,736,000 E.$14,536,000

3.Last year, the Europe region had only four-fifths of the number of full time staff it has now and only three-quarters of the number of part-time staff it has now. What was the total number of staff ,full time and part time, employed in this region last year?

A.200 B.208 C.212 D.218 E.224

4.Overall, what is the average cost of each full time member of staff employed across the whole company?

A. $19,332 B.$21,539 C.$23,597 D. $24,305 E. None of these

5.In which of the following regions do part time staff represent less than 8% of the total employed?

A.US B.S.E.Asia C.Europe D. China E.Middle East

6. Next year, it is planned to transfer 200 full time jobs from the US to the UK. Assuming the individual staff costs for each region remain unchanged, what cost saving would that generate?

A. $602,299

7. Approximately, what proportion of the total staff costs does the employment of part time staff make up?

C 4.9%

Annual Number of Non-fatal Major Injuries at work

1. How many more major injuries are likely to occur now in a group of 1 million Construction employees compared to a group of one million Manufacturing employees?

A.994 B.1006 C.1060 D.2120 E.3499

2. Approxiamately how many people were employed in Agriculture 5 years ago?

A. 251440 B. 314290 C. 585590 D.759510 E.828450

3. Which sector has shown the greatest proportional improvement in safety over the last 5 years?

A. Agriculture B. Energy C. Manufacturing D.Construction E. Services...