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Coca-Cola the Beverage Leader

Cynthia Simon

Grantham University


This paper addresses Coca-Cola business process. And answers questions, asks regarding why standardization in supply chain management is important, switching costs, and what business intelligence information is gathered from the My Coke Reward website and how the information is used for customer management activities. It also looks at the social media pages and address similar but the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi products. Coca-Cola has been labelled one of the major leaders in producing and distributing non-alcoholic beverage industry. Coke products are sold globally in over 200 countries and produce 2800 different beverages. Coca-Cola has sustained the position as being the most recognize brands in the world. Coca-Cola has reaped the rewards through the implementation of the Coke Rewards programs to generate business strategies to attract and retain loyal customers. The Rewards program has allowed Coca-Cola to tailor product availability and saving to meet the customer needs.

Keywords: Coca-Cola, Rewards

Coca-Cola the Beverage Leader

The reason why standardization is important in supply chain management because it saves the company money, and it allows businesses to optimize the automation process across the organization. Companies can compile internal processes while maintaining consistency with product strategy across the brand that makes for more efficiency, saves money and reduces cost. The new software service Cola-Cola has developed will bring commonality across the brand, and create more efficiency and reduce cost. There would be no reason for Coke to charge the bottlers for upgrading. The saving would be in the return, which would lower cost to produce a product, which would cost the consumer less, and increase market shares. For the bottlers who did not upgrade to the new common business process; they would be limited to what services they would be...