China Automotive Electronic Industry Chain Report 2013-2017 - Global Industry Size, Shares, Trends, Strategies, Growth and Opportunity

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Automotive electronic industry emerges after electronic information technology getsapplied to the cars. From the perspective of application, automotive electronics can be divided into engine/transmission system, chassis system, body system, communication system, safety system and so forth.

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This report covers airbags, tire pressure monitoring, ADAS, IVI (navigation and audio), automatic transmission, fuel injection, lighting and telematics. Meanwhile, it studies status quo, market trends, competition patterns and supply relationship of the industry, as well as analyzes financial data, operation and development strategies of major Chinese and foreign companies.

Tire Pressure Monitoring:

TPMS entered the Chinese market as the luxurious configuration of imported vehicle models. As Chinese consumers gradually put forward higher requirements on automotive safety, Chinese automobile manufacturers have applied TPMS as standard configuration; TPMS has been installed not only in luxury cars, but also in midrange cars.

In May 2014, 73 Chinese local passenger car brands set TPMS as standard configuration for 312 models and 1,567 styles. China’s automotive TPMS OEM market size was estimated to reach 2.47 million sets in 2013, representing an increase of 32.8% over 2012. In recent years, Chinese TPMS market has been growing quickly owing to the small market size, a low comparison base and the optimistic attitudes of many TPMS vendors toward the popularity of TPMS in China.

Although China’s TPMS standards have been approved, mandatory installation policies have not been issued yet. We forecast that China will introduce relevant policies around 2015, and the market will see...