Bad News for Sale

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Bad News for Sale

John Doe

University of Phoenix

Business Communication


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April 20, 1910

Bad News for Sale

Over the last several years the economy in the United States, and across the global economic community, have experienced turbulent markets. As many business ventures collapsed those who managed to continue to stand face many new challenges and obstacles to overcome. For those publically traded companies, shareholders undoubtedly keep a close eye on their investments for signs failure. Company executives who report financial information to shareholders have a new challenge in regard to communication. With numbers down across the board for many companies, shareholder meetings are not always the most pleasant for either the executive reporting bad news or the shareholder who may be about to receive the bad news.

For the purpose of this paper, will examine a situation where I meet with a group of such stakeholders, including management, sales staff, and customers for a quarterly sales meeting. This meeting will to be discussing quarterly sales results for the A&B Truck Rental Company. Our company specializes in commercial truck rental and leasing, both product lines are essential to the continued growth and profitability of the company. Lease customers provide long term revenue commitments and rental customers provide a flexible alternative for growing business customers who may not yet be ready to lease as well as incremental revenue from consumers with day-to-day rental needs such as household moves.

Over the last year A&B Truck Rental has seen the impact of a down economy firsthand. When the demand for consumer goods dries up, the companies that provide those goods no longer have a need trucks to move those goods to retail outlets or from manufacturers to warehouse facilities. As a result, revenue is down from both product lines. The scary part is the sudden collapse of A&B’s top two lease accounts, Daryl’s...