Recent Industry Analysis on Powered Smart Card Markets Share 2015-2022

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NanoMarkets has covered opportunities in the powered smartcard market for more than five years. In this latest report on the topic, we examine how this market has evolved since our last in-depth on the market in 2012. In particular, in this report we have analyzed how demand for such cards is changing as the result of a burgeoning need for security (and hence OTP), as well as the signs that the uses for powered smartcards are shifting beyond the security application. We also discuss how the long-awaited arrival of the U.S. into the smartcard EMV payment world will impact the powered smartcard market, as well as the growth of secure commerce in China.

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In addition, this report takes a look at how the technologies in powered smartcards have improved and what new smartcards products are arriving into the market. Here we are, as ever, especially interested in emerging battery and display technology for powered smartcards. For the first time, however, this NanoMarkets smartcards report examines where the powered smartcard will fit into a world of ubiquitous smartphones and (perhaps) a soon-to-be ubiquitous Internet-of-Things.

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This report provides a detailed eight-year forecast of powered smartcards both in terms of value and the number of cards shipped. This will include breakouts by functionality, technology and the region to which smartcards are being shipped. Finally, we take a look at the powered smartcard supply chain and the range of product/market strategies being pursued in this sector.

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