Feasibility Study of Computer Shop

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1. Why didn’t you have a wife and children?  If given the chance to be born again will you still be willing to give up your life or be killed again in Bagumbayan? What is your real message to all Filipinos? Is this the country you dreamt of when you gave up your life? Would you still be willing to die for it? Are we truly independent from foreign occupancy now? Would you support the RH Bill? What name would you have given yourself if you were not Jose Rizal?  I will ask him why he did not write in other languages other than Spanish considering his reported proficiency in English, German, Chinese, French, Filipino etc. How come our leaders today lack national pride and honor, requisites to inspire and motivate its people to achieve dignity and prosperity? Are you proud that our province bears your name? If not yet, what else must we do?  Given a choice, how would you have wanted yourself depicted — in an overcoat or in more casual clothes? How about in Ray Bans?

2. Political corruption can feel daunting and remote. So can we really do anything about it? If we speak out about how we’re governed, we can.We need to call on our politicians and public officials to be accountable for their actions. How can we trust them if we don’t know what they’re doing? We must demand that they put in place regulations which will force them to act openly. Then corruption can’t hide. And our trust in the political process will improve. When leaders act transparently, showing us clearly what they do, we can make informed choices when we vote. And we can hold them to account once elected. From grassroots groups to big organisations, civil society has a crucial role to play. We can monitor electoral campaigns and parties’ activities. If state resources are abused, we must report it. And if regulations to prevent corruption aren’t in place, we must demand them. Rules about politicians’ conflicts of interest, for example. Or regulations to stop corporate lobbying and political funding...