Buffalo Wild Wings

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As the story of Buffalo Wings is told, It all started on a Friday night in 1964. A group of friends enter the Anchor Bar located at 1041 Main Street, Buffalo NY. Inside they found their friend Dominic Bellissimo tending bar. Dominic's friends were hungry and asked what was on the menu. Keep in mind that at this time the only thing chicken wings were used for was soup stock and then discarded.

Dominic asked his mother Teressa, owner of the Anchor Bar, still working in the kitchen if she could make something up for his friends. You guessed it, Teressa Bellissimo, deep fried some chick wings and flavored them in a special secret Anchor Bar sauce. Yes Buffalo Wings were born. It wasn't long before people started to come in numbers for the great tasting new Buffalo Wings. From that time on the Anchor Bar would always have Buffalo Wings on their menu.

This food taste sensation has spread across the nation maybe the world since 1964. You can try to duplicate the Buffalo Wings secret recipe, God knows many have, but Frank and Teressa's Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings are still the best. I know this because I live here in Buffalo and I am only 20 min. away form the original Buffalo Wings at anytime. The best part is that this is only one of the great taste sensations originated here in our great City of Good Neighbors. I write about others soon.

Well I can't give you the secret recipe or tell you what is in it I can tell you that it can be easily obtained. It comes in 3 flavors and degrees of heat. Try it and I know you will become a Buffalo Wing and Anchor Bar fan. For more information visit my site. Or meet me at Buffalo's home of the world famous Buffalo Wings the Anchor Bar.

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