Compensation Practices in Power Generation Company

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Compensation Practices of Orion Power Generation Company in Bangladesh


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Bangladesh, with its 152 million people in a land mass of 147,570 sq km,  has shown tremendous growth in recent years.  A booming economic growth, rapid urbanization and  increased industrialization and development  has increased the country's demand for electricity. Presently, 68% of the total population (including renewable energy) has access to electricity and per capita generation is 348 kWH, which is very low compared to other developing countries. 


Recognizing the fact the present government has prioritized the power sector right from its election manifesto. As per the manifesto, electricity generation in the country was supposed to be 5000 MW by the year 2011 and 7000 MW by 2013. The government has been successful in meeting these targets and has even been able to achieve higher level of precedents.  The government aims to generate additional 15,000 MW electricity, within 2016 under short, medium and long term plan. This target is much higher than the one stated in the election manifesto.


Assessing the current state of electricity in Bangladesh, this web page disseminates on how to develop and communicate various strategies and plans and implement moderate growth in demand through increased efficiency. It also investigates on how to combine environmental goals into planning and operation and tries to find ways...