Drawing on What You Have Learned from the Dd102 Module Materials and Your Work on Tma 01, Outline Some Inequalities and Differences on a Street You Know.

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Drawing on what you have learned from the DD102 module materials and your work on TMA 01, Outline some inequalities and differences on a street you know.

Differences and inequality can be found in any given street through out the world. In the following literature both differences and inequality will be defined then followed by examples from Anniesland Cross which in this essay corresponds with examples from City Road. Anniesland Cross is in the west end of Glasgow and has a mixture of housing, retail shops and recreational facilities. All age groups can be found using the varied shops and facilities, although there is a large student population as that is where Anniesand Collage is situated.

Differences can be defined as whether you are a man or a woman, which social class you belong to, which age group you are in, your sexual orientation, your race - biologically you were born in to and finally your ethnicity - the cultural heritage you most identify yourself with. Inequality can be defined as the way people, based on differences, have less access to social goods such as, although not exhaustive, good jobs, housing, education and health care.

The first example of inequality on City Road is the Islamic relief chairty shop and its counter part on Anniesland Cross the British heart foundation charity shop, Staples (2014, P 46). Both of these show the need to have this type of facility for people in the socio-economic position that dictates they use charity shops instead of high street retailers for goods such as clothes, toys or household appliances.

Secondly an example of inequality on Anniesland Cross that mirrors City Road is the case of John Arthur (The Open University, 2014). An older man who has been homeless for decades. This relates to a gentalman who stands outside Poundland most days selling copies of the big issue. Although the story of the gentalman who stands outside poundland is not a known factor it can be assumed that they both live with...