Problem Solution Riordan

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Problem Solution: Riordan

Carola Smith

University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Riordan

Opening up a facility abroad asks for knowledge about the country the business will be operating from, each country has its cultural background and these cultural affects affect how employees can be motivated or what norms and values are important to consider when developing a personnel management plan . Riordan Manufacturing has decided to open a new production facility in Hangzhou in China. The workforce will be multicultural as the employees will not all come from China but from different countries too. These different cultural backgrounds ask for skilled cross cultural management techniques and the right leadership style. Riordan Manufacturing wants to ensure that the cultural aspects are considered within their management plan to create a productive new facility in China.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The new production facility in Hangzhou consists of employees from different cultural backgrounds who all have their own values and needs. The issue is that the different backgrounds are diverse from one another and the employees do need to operate as a team and productivity is required. An opportunity for management is to learn about the different cultures by listening to the employees individual and give them all the opportunity to explain themselves. To develop a motivation strategy that is applicable for all employees it is important that the manager first invests time in learning about the differences. An opportunity for the manager to understand other cultures thoroughly is to first understand their own cultural background and how this affects their behavior. When the manager understands the concept of culture it is easier to understand the other with their beliefs. What is needed to develop an interest for other cultures is a cultural curiosity the manager has to be sincere when he wants...