Information System Security: Riordan Manufacturing Sr-Rm-013

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The following provides a security review and recommended business security plan for Riordan Manufacturing. The current physical network has been examined at each Riordan Manufacturing Plant and a security review has been performed. Several recommendations are suggested based on the review. These are to increase data security by using encryption, a data security administration and access control policy, and data backup and disaster recovery techniques.

Web security issues are also addressed as part of the security considerations for the business requirements plan at Riordan. Considerations such as Internet access security, Internet Email security, and safe Web browsing techniques will provide a safer environment and better security of data.

San Jose, CA Plant

Current Network

The current network at the Riordan Headquarters in San Jose, CA connects 35 Dell Optiplex PCs with an OP 100bT network structured in Star-Bus Topology. The PCS have 512 MB RAM and 60 GB Hard Drives that run from Windows 2000. A 24-port hub allows additional access to the network. The Research and Development team has a small network that branches from the LAN through a gateway/switch. That team runs a separate redundant server, 15 additional MAC G5’s and 4 additional printers.

Network and Physical Security Issues and Concerns

Bus Topology is outdated and fault tolerance could be increased by updating the network to mesh topology. Hubs that exist throughout the network are inefficient in controlling traffic within the network. The 24 port hub should be removed and replaced with secure wireless access. Each user connecting to the wireless access network will have to go through an authentication process. This process will including maintaining a strong user password that is updated frequently (every 30 days). These procedures will be shared and enforced among all employees. The computers connected to the network are pretty outdated in terms of memory and operating...