Dell Case Study

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Companies are using more technology to keep in touch with their customer are growth

faster and stronger. The technology and website are used widely in this society nowadays.

Things had changed from going to the store to phone and now online. Of course, everyone had a

least one complaint about their dissatisfied on their purchase or service. We either talked to

manager or called the company itself. Nowadays, we do not have to call or speak to anyone in

person at all because we can go into their website and contact the customer service by giving

them a feedback for your service or complaint or inquires.

I did my research on three websites, Dell (Dell), Fitzgerald Auto Mall (Fitzmall) and

AT&T (AT&T). In those three website, I think Dell website is more easy to use and well

organized it. The website is breaking down to different option for me to pick such ass join the

discussion, share your ideas, read our blog, and rating & review. Dell is striving to give the best

service to their customers than other companies. Dell is giving the customer more satisfaction

because they are caring about the customers and their services. They even gave an option to chat

with live customer representative before you make any purchases. I had my own experience with

Dell about the website help and over the phone. They treated every customer with respect and

helpful. Sometime, they even went on extra step to help me to result the problem that I have.

This is the most sufficient website that gives the customers any help their can.

I recently bought the car with Fitzgerald Auto Mall (Fitzmall). I bought every single car

for my own family with Fitzgerald because their customer service is every outstanding at the

dealer. There is only one thing that they did not respond back to me as quickly or time frame that

they support to. I went to the website and did an inquiry but I did not get contact until the next

day. It was...