1.5 Constructions with Tech

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1. Constructing a Equilateral Triangle Inscribed in a Circle: The way I constructed the equilateral triangle inscribed in the circle using Geogebra, is I used the compass tool to make point A and B. Then I used the Line tool to draw a line to connect and create line AB. Then I used the intersecting tool to mark the points of intersection between circle A and AB. Then used the compass tool to make another circle with a Radius of AD. I marked the points intersected between circle A and Circle D. I labeled these points E and F. Lastly I drew segments BE, BF, and EF which makes the polygon BEF a equilateral Triangle.

2. Constructing Parallel Lines: Using Geogebra I used the line tool and created line AB first. The I used point tool to make point C not on the line but above it. Used point tool again to make point D under line AB and connected C and D to create line CD. Used intersect tool next between line AB and CD. I label this point E. Then I used the compass tool to create circle E with a radius DE. Then I used the compass tool again to create circle C with a radius equal in length to DE. Then I marked all the intersection points. I used the compass tool again to make another circle and labeled the intersection points. Then I drew the lines to make them parallel.


1. I like using the constructions with technology because its more easy to use and I have better control then using a compass and straight edge.

2. The benefits are that you have more control, easier use, and more accurate measure.

3. The limitations are that you don’t do as many steps as you do with a compass and straight edge.

4. The longer the segment the bigger the circle. If it’s a shorter segment the circle is smaller.