Fall Prompt Essay

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Jillian Hitchcock


English 1

Fall Prompt Essay

Have you ever know what it is like to have a family member that abuse drugs and alcohol? Well I do, my aunt Vicki died from the abuse of drugs and alcohol. In that time period of the abuse not only did she physically and mentally hurt herself she also mentally hurt her family. She devastated her kids and disappointed every one that loved and cared for her.

I didn’t ever get to really see my aunt Vicki. She wasn’t the nicest or most down to earth person. She abused the privileged of drugs and alcohol more than any one I have ever seen or met. She was always to busy popping this pill and snorting that line. She never had the time of the day for her family or even to raise her own kids. all she ever wanted to was sit in her room and get high and waited while her kids are in the next room making there selves there own food and cleaning the house. They did everything in there power to keep there heads up high and never let there mothers actions effect them.

Her kids were the most effected by her actions. My cousin Chris the oldest of her children stepped up and started to help with raise his youngest brother Damien and his younger sister Christadon. They all did what they could around the house to help keep things going and to help each other out. Chris did everything he could in his power to get his siblings up and ready every day. Sometimes things got really rough and didn’t turn out to well. My aunt would get so messed up that she fall flat on her face in the kitchen and not wake up tell late the next day.

My cousin Damien was the most effected by my aunt’s actions. He was never potty trained, taught how to dress properly or taught manners and respect. Damien was never the most outgoing but when my aunt started to get worse so did Damien. Christadon was deeply affected but she kept her head high and just waited for the next day. She did everything she could to try and help out her mom...