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Product Plan of “Life-Tools”

An integrated Mobile Application Service Suite by en-stage

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Sreehari M M

Table of Contents

Product Description & Positioning 3

Business Problem and Concept 3

Life-Tools Concept 1 3

Features of Life-Tools 4

Functioning 6

Customer Analysis 6

Situational Analysis 7

Market Size and Growth Potential 7

PESTLE Analysis 9

Political 9

Economic 9

Social 9

Technology 9

Legal 10

Environmental 10

Porter’s Five forces Frame work 10

Threat of new entrants 10

Bargaining power of buyers 10

Bargaining power of suppliers 10

Threat of Substitutes 10

Marketing Strategy 11

Product 11

Pricing 11

Promotion 11

Place 11

Financial Data 12

Product Description & Positioning

Business Problem and Concept

Mobile commerce is gaining increasing acceptance. The need for mobility is a primary driving force behind mobile banking, mobile entertainment and mobile marketing, and is supported by an ever increasing convergence of computers and mobile telecommunication devices. The reasons for these developments can be traced back mainly to technology innovations, like faster data transmission technologies and better mobile devices equipped with improved computing capacity, enhanced data storage and better user-interface. Some other factors, like the increasing penetration of society by mobile phones and the integration of world economies have also increased the need for mobility. The high availability of mobile Introduction phones, which is greater than that of computers in most countries, is leading to concepts of new, innovative mobile services, collectively described as Life-Tools.

Life-Tools Concept 1