Internet and Business

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Internet has alot of benefits to use it as a means of communication, first it is very cheap as compare to telephones to communicate, it is very usefull to advertise your products worldwide at a very very cheap rate as compare to advertise it through a magazine or on a TV channel, also if a business company wants to share their files with their foriegn companies, they can do it via internet, internet has alot of enhanced features such as messengers, bidding websites, selling product sites like, so it makes communication more beautiful and interesting.

internet helps in creating advertisement for the businesses.

search in google about online advertising. you will get all ther information that u need.

The structure of economy is one of the most important aspects to the social dynamic of the developed world. How business is conducted effects every individual on a daily, hour-by-hour basis. In the last twenty years, the Internet has profoundly impacted the way that businesses are run, changing the dynamics of sales, communications, advertising and even corporate structures. Increased availability of internet connectivity through mobile devices has also changed the way that people work.


1. As of 2010, more than two billion people in the world had access to the Internet. Thus, whereas many businesses before the age of the Internet had to rely on local consumers or long-term networking for any exchange of services, companies utilizing the Internet are capable of connecting with their clients, consumers and business partners around the clock and around the world. The ability for such connectivity has moved many businesses beyond conventional business hours, making the "office" less of a particular building and more of the available means to conduct business transactions.


2. An enormous portion of the yearly revenue for which the Internet accounts comes from retail sales. Online shopping has become a convenient and...