Woman Hood Story About Doe Season Writeen by David Michael

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Woman Hood story about Doe season written by David Michael Kaplan

It is hard to imagine how symbolism plays such an important role in short stories. The symbolism in the story “Doe Season” is very important because David Michael Kaplan used certain symbols in order to show the transformation of Andy as a child in to a woman. The symbols were present through what Andy liked and hated the most such as the woods, the ocean, and the deer.

The woods in the story “Doe Season” were used to show the innocence of Andy prior to her change. The woods were there to show how comfortable she was as a child. Andy liked the idea of the woods having the same trees all the time (386.) At the beginning of the story Kaplan immediately introduced the woods to show us that when the story started Andy was a little girl. He shows how Charlie Spoon thinks that she is just too young to come hunting (387.) No one wants to bring a little girl hunting. It is a big hassle .They saw Andy as to young and fragile even though she was a little rough for a girl. Andy feels comfortable in the woods because that is all she knows even when she is deep in the woods with the other men. Andy is happy that she is there with her father (391.) Andy even volunteers to pick up wood for the fire (391.) Andy’s action demonstrates how she feels at home in the woods with her father. She feels safe in the woods, she feels so safe that animals are not afraid of her because they can feel her innocence in the forest (390.)

The ocean in the story “Doe Season” represented what Andy was going to be. Through Andy’s flashback of the ocean the story tells us how Andy feels afraid of being there. She does not like to go far into the water. She also does not understand how her mother can be so relax in the ocean. This action by her mother causes Andy to feel closer to her father (389.) Andy does not feel safe in the ocean because she is not yet a woman. Andy’s mother feels very safe...