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* The Objective…

Mutiara Hotel are in need of a new marketing piece to help the hotel sell more rooms and meeting spaces to business clientele which will be most cost-effective than sending VHS cassettes.

Mutiara Hotel needs a cutting edge marketing piece.

Mutiara Hotel needs to know how effective their marketing is.

* The Opportunity…

Mutiara Hotel has the opportunity to put a cutting edge multimedia presentation in front of prospective clients. The goals of this multimedia presentation are:

Sell more room and meeting spaces to business clients.

Reduce costs of mailing marketing materials.

Incorporate more hotel information and virtual imagery than previously possible.

* The Solution…

Raj Global Solutions Inc. specializes in trackable virtual hotel presentations on CD-ROM. We have created virtual hotel tours for hotels ranging from modest 3 to 4 star hotels to the most prestigious 5-star hotels & resorts in the country.

We will create a multimedia CD-ROM for Mutiara Hotel incorporating a full 10 room virtual tour and incorporate the existing promo video on a 45mb business CD-ROM for use with Windows operating systems.

The CD-ROM will include a tracking system allowing Mutiara Hotel to track the results of how their CD-ROM is being used by prospects including real-time usage.

The CD-ROM will include creation of cover artwork, replication of 5000 copies inserted into vinyl cd sleeves, work on all Windows operating systems, 10 second animated Flash animation introduction, Enterprise Tracking feature, custom background and graphics, a 10 room virtual tour shot by our staff on location, clients existing video, 5 pages of brochure type information, built in e-mail contact form, link to hotel web site, and printable maps to the hotel with directions.


Mutiara Hotel Kuala Lumpur will realize the following benefits provided by this project:

* Reduce Printing...