Sales Manger-Rep Plan

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InterClean Sales Compensation Plan

Mark Reid

HRM/531 Human Capital Management

November 5, 2010

Belle Pannu

TO: Human Resource Department Manager

FROM: Mark W. Reid, Manager

DATE: November 5, 2010

SUBJECT: InterClean Sales Manager/Sales Representative Compensation Plan

The InterClean, Inc. Compensation Plan has been established to achieve the company directives and goals set by senior management. With the selected Vice President of Sales Jim Martin and five (5) qualified sales representatives are joining the new sales organization team. To meet the aggressive corporate challenges a New Compensation Plan has been developed with a base salary and incentive plan intended to reward and to motivate the participants with cash compensation. The sales program is equal or above similar sales positions in our market for the primary purpose to retaining the professional talent and InterClean’s Company allegiance to achieve the expected performance levels. The plan challenges the participants with exceptional earnings opportunities for the high performance goals expected from the sales representative. Goals of this plan are to find new customers for InterClean Inc., service and increase current customer’s product and service awareness while achieving top market share and customer satisfaction.

There are three levels of participants in this plan eligible to receive monetary cash rewards, sales manager (Vice President), sales representatives, and the defined sales organizations supporting staff. To participate in this plan all participants must sign and comply with the terms and conditions summarized here in the memo, a more detailed agreement will be offered to each employee. This agreement restricts the participants only to sell and support only InterClean’s authorized products and services in their assigned territory (Sol, November 17, 2008) .

Sales Managers Plan Summary

The sales manager plan includes new and existing customers acquired through the...