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TASK 1: Quality Management System (QMS) / ISO 9001:2008. Complete the following tasks using the example of a 5-star international hotel.

1.1: Write a Quality Policy in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 (half-page).

Ibis, an international hotel company owned by Accor Hotels, boasts as being the leader in the hotel industry by being able to provide top quality amenities and services within a welcoming environment at the best value for money. The facilities anticipated from modern hotels given by motivated teams dedicated to meeting customer needs round the clock are but a few of what Ibis offers.

Through economical, modern and full service hotels, Ibis meets the anticipations of large business and leisure clienteles. Celebrated for its high standard of quality, competitive and welcoming staff, the Ibis business model conveys an unparalleled approach around the world.

The reputation of Ibis is summed through the statement: “At Ibis Hotels, save on price, not in service,” whose brand strategy touches all features of hotel life including the equipment, staff, services and procedures, taking its motivation from its determination to provide the best quality of service at a reasonable price.

1.2: Identify at least 5 stakeholders. For each stakeholder identify at least 1 stakeholder need. Now identify at least 5 processes that are needed to fulfill the stakeholder needs (one page).

• Hotel Guests

o Quality Accommodation

 Booking

 Security

 Food and Beverage

 Events Management

 Relaxation

• Hotel Managers

o Integrated information system

 Accurate inventory of rooms, equipment, and facilities.

 Up-to-date information regarding customers’ needs and wants.

 Real-time access to needed corporate information.

 Staffing concerns.

 Guest information for historical data purposes

• Employees

o Occupational Safety and Health

 Training and development

 Steady source of income

 Continuing Education

 Healthy and safe working environment