Case Study Teamsters V. Nlrb Case Study Labor Relations Management

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The union would discriminate against Rammage because he was not exactly in the union. The union did so because they felt like they only needed to defend the people that are higher up in the union. Truthfully, whether or not Rammage was or was not with or high up in the union, he should have had a fair judgment on his case. The union did not even actually care about his case. Since they figured that Mr. Rammage was not important because he was demoted by his bosses, they felt like he could not have to be recognized for his absence in the union which proves that the union is selfish people that only takes care of themselves. Rammage wasn’t an important person for the union to take note of and actually pay attention to.

Why would the employer would go along with the union is an excellent question. The employer would go along with the union because the union would be saving their company money while doing so. The employer is thinking, “By getting rid of Mr. Rammage then that would be one less pay check that we would have to sign.” Now that Rammage is fired the employer would keep their money that they use to pay Rummage’s salary like the selfish people they are. Making them just as selfish as the union. The employer is happy that the union got rid of Rammage because now he is discharged and he is one less pay check that they would have to pay. As fair as the union goes that’s one less person they have to fight for.