Coke vs Pepsi

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Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

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Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the two most popular and widely recognized beverage brands in the world. Within their lineup of beverages, Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola Classic are the predominant carbonated cola beverages.

Coca-Cola is the original cola, while there isn't a huge difference in taste, Pepsi mirrored their cola after Coke's, being just different enough in taste to not actually be the same drink.

[edit] Sweetness

Coca-Cola tastes less sweet and tastes like lucozade and hutki. This is due to the addition of the artificial sweeteners to Pepsi.

[edit] Carbonation

Coca-Cola has more carbonation than Pepsi depending on what region you are in. It was said that depending on where each one was made the amount of carbonation in them will be different therefore proving that neither Coca-Cola nor Pepsi have more carbonation than one another.

[edit] Brand War

Both drinks are no longer seen as a beverage but mainly as a brand. Both companies commit heavily to sponsoring outdoor music festivals and even charitable projects in third world countries. Coca-Cola also is an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup.

[edit] Marketing Approach

Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi try to market as part of a life-style. Coca-Cola uses phrases such as "Coke side of life" in their website,, while Pepsi uses phrases such as "Hot stuff" in their website,, to promote the idea that Pepsi is "in sync" with the cool side of life.

Pepsi tries to reach out to the younger generation by appealing to pop culture. If you visit their website you will be greeted with flashy pages containing pop music, cars, and fashion.

Coca-Cola's website also has links for music and sports, two arenas in which soda-pop is often consumed; however, Coca-Cola's is less flashy and uses a classical appeal, most likely because of Coca-Cola's long history as the standard for cola beverages.

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