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Trident University

Jonathan D. Rivera

Module 2 SLP

ETH 501: Business Ethics and Consequentialism

Dr. Gary B. Shelton

9 February 2015


I will be using proper APA Style, paraphrase, provide an in-text citation, and end reference for several library sources. I will locate the following articles in the TUI Library (use EBSCO): "Taking Rights out of Human Rights." By John Tasioulas, John. Ethics. July 2010, Volume 120, Issue 4, pages 647-678. Locate the following article in ProQuest database! Name of authors: Chris Mason and John Simmons. Written in 2014. Title of article is "Embedding corporate social responsibility in corporate governance: A stakeholder systems approach." Name of journal: Journal of Business Ethics. Volume number 119; Issue number 1. Pages 77-86. Eberhard Schnebel and Margo A. Bienert are the authors of this article published in 2004: "Implementing ethics in business organizations" - found in the Journal of Business Ethics. Volume 53 and Issue Number 1-2. Pages 203-211. Found in ProQuest. Author is M. Paliwal. Year published: 2006; Published by New Age International; Location: Delhi, India. Title of book: Business Ethics. Title of book: Introduction to Healthcare Organzational Ethics. Written by Robert T. Hall. Publisher is Oxford University Press; Place of publication: Cary, North Carolina. Published in the year 2000. Finally, I will take a direct quotation from each of the above sources, and demonstrate how each direct quotation should be cited (as an in-text citation) Also, I will copy 2-3 sentences from each of the five (5) sources above, and then paraphrase the sentences as should be in the essay.

According to Griffin (2008), he believes that not "changing the subject" is a desideratum capable of exerting significant pressure given his belief that the term "human rights" is virtually criterion less, for the claim that "we often have only a tenuous, and sometimes plainly inadequate, grasp of what is at...