Case Study Analysis

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ACCT1014 Accounting, Behaviour & Orgs

Case Study Analysis

Student name: Zheyi Xie

Student ID: S3308285

Lecture’s Name: Dr. Susan Robertson

Table of Contain


Business Strategy in DCB3

Key Success Factors of DCB4

Purpose of a Management accounting system and its benefits to DCB5

To provide information for costing 5

To provide information for planning, control and evaluation 5

To provide information for decision making5

Importance of Business Strategy to Management Accounting System6

Key Problems faced by DCB6

Identification of accounting technique7

Conclusion and Recommendation8

References list9


Dylan Lee started his bicycle selling and buying business in his teens at the outdoor markets in Melbourne, Victoria. When his business became a success, he leased out in Doncaster, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia and started to buy and sell bicycles and spare parts and named his business as Dylan Customized Bicycles (DCB). However, the business was a successful one; he faced lots of challenges to ensure the smooth running of DCB. Dylan had traditional undertook all the roles in the store from addressing the customers to managing the day to day operations of the store. He never used to keep real cost data. Instead just calculate an approximate figure as the price of his bicycles. He takes the responsibility of all the assembling of the bicycles and works for long hours in a day and feels exhausted. Further when he opened three more stores in Don Caster, Geelong and Black Rock. He appointed two sales managers as he found that travelling so long and managing all the activities are not viable. However, he never gives freedom to these sales managers who have prior experience in retailing, to fix the best price for the bicycles. Instead, he quotes a rough price and they had to consult with him for the same. This increased the dissatisfaction among the sales...