Hospitality & Tourism: a Manpower Industry

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A Case Group Analysis of

Hospitality & Tourism:

A Manpower Industry

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Ms. Nesel G. Colona


TQM 101: Total Quality Management


Ivan Bajador, Chynna Love Bermejo, Ginrey Beter, Caren Buhat,

Mitcherold Camacho, Tristan Cervales, Edwin Cioco, Jr.,

Joemer Jose Crispolon, Flouher Lyn Dela Torre,

Leo Gen Gaviliño, Ian Leonidas



A Manpower Industry

I. Point of View

The BHRML 2B 4th group selection on taking a TQM 101: Total Quality Management with current trends and global issues of manpower industry.

The Hospitality & Tourism is a fast growing industry in our society that necessarily needs manpower to be able for them to be effective and productive. We need to know its relationship with other industries and the roles and responsibilities of its individual staff in order to sustain and maintain the growth of industry by means of employment.

The importance of hospitality and tourism employment in both developed and developing countries is attested to by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), who suggest that travel- and tourism-related activities account for over 230 million jobs, or 8.7 percent of jobs worldwide (WTTC, 2006). However, while the quantity of jobs is unquestionable, the quality of many of these jobs is of great concern to academics and policy-makers alike. Despite the rhetoric of policy-makers and business leaders that people are the industry’s most important asset, many remain unconvinced that such a view is borne out by empirical evidence.

Statement of the Problem

After a series of dialogues, we had come up into a specific problem statement with the analysis. And it state:

How to maintain the growth of hospitality & tourism in manpower industry?

II. Objectives...