Market Share Simulation

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Mission Statement:

As the pharmaceutical division of Allstar Brands, it is our responsibility to keep our clientele happy and above all healthy. We feel very strongly about this commitment to client care in the ethical market but also we are focusing more heavily on the over the counter market. In addressing these two target markets we can better reach the needs of our customers through individual brand attention. This is the role of our brand management team.

The qualities associated with Allstar brands should be positive, that is why we will focus on product effectiveness, availability, maintaining a high awareness, and reasonable pricing efforts; and make these the benchmarks of our department as well as the company. Since all of these commitments fall into the realm of the marketing environment, the Brand Management team has the main weight of success on their shoulders.

Marketing Objectives:

Product Overview:

The marketing objectives for the coming periods will be broken down by product according to their personal marketing mixes which mainly differ because of their product life cycle. Coming into this next management team, there is a diversified mix of maturity.

Allround is the original formula with added expectorant (a 4hr cold liquid) and is the oldest product; being the first and longest running product for the previous brand management team. This product has been experiencing declining sales for a few periods, which indicates a borderline between maturity and decline.

Allround + ( a 4 hour cough liquid) is the next in the product line, with increasing sales and brand awareness, this product is still in the growth stages but should reach maturity within the next 4 years.

Allright is the newest of the product line (a 12 hr multi symptom capsule), being only 4 periods old, this product is on the cusp of the introductory and growth stages.

Share of Manufacturer Sales

(figure 1.1)

Taking these different stages into account for each...