Coca Cola Co. Organization Structure

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Coca Cola Co. Organization Structure

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Coca Cola Co. believes in creating an ethical environment by performing domestic operations in the manner comparable to its global operations. Coca Cola Co. sells the same type and brand of soft drinks and operates in the same manner worldwide, regardless of the region or the country.

Coca Cola Co. controls all the operations at all regions tightly from its head office at Atlanta, United states. The company has separate intercontinental division arrangements which are further divided into subdivisions. Each continental division operates under its respective president.

Conflict Handling at Coca Cola

Coca Cola Co. ensures that all the members of the company are treated fairly with respect and dignity and strives to build such type of work environment. Coca Cola believes in resolving any conflicts or issues at early stages and tries to bind all the members together for a better cultural environment.

Coca Cola is a worldwide global firm, with members from all the countries of the world. The company believes that diversity and members from international teams are advantageous in building compatibility and promoting inter-category synergy. The company also believes firmly in harmonizing the relations between all the international members to motivate adaptability and versatility.

Coca Cola has an Ombuds office to manage all the situations of conflicts in the company environment and members. The office was set up as an alternative approach of communication among the employees who require guidance related to concerns in the workplace.

The professionals at the Ombuds office are specially trained to resolve work related issues among the employees. These professions are designated as Ombudsman and they are impartial to any party. They are available to all the employees of Coca Cola Co., irrespective of who they are, as they apply to the management team as...