Project Management Critical Path

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Critical Path Activities – while developing a project plan there are some critical paths that you may face in each situation it is important to have a solution for everything. For example some of the projects that are lined up such as drywall, finish install, finish inspect, and project sign off can become critical because all of these are need to be in compliance with the other predecessors. Making sure all permits, Electrical, plumbing, building permits are applied for and can accommodate the job completion deadlines. You want to make sure right before you get started on the project you know what your needs are going to be, and as soon as you get the sign off for your project to begin permits are always needed so that will be most critical.

Determining your critical paths on a project would mean to come up with a plan, have a project manager in charge, and hold the workers accountable for completion of the job. It is critical that you follow your project documents such as the developed project plan, WBS, and scope of work you are handling. Other critical things that can hinder a project would be the packing, and equipment move not being complete if items are in the way of the contractors this can be an issue. Not having enough man power during the duration of the work package; for example someone gets sick or doesn’t have the proper permits to work you would have to have a plan B. Within this project plan I would recommend that WBS 17.3 Lessons Learned be an ongoing thing every day, it would be the project manager’s responsibility to compile notes on any issues or pointers that can be utilize to help this project and future projects. Keeping record of these kinds of things can be presented to the stakeholders and it can be used as a tool to help with any issues.

Risk that can impact the project scheduling would include be framing and drywall not being complete as well as not having the scheduled permits for the job. This would prevent the jobs being...