India Car Rental Market Outlook to 2019 - Rising Online Booking to Drive the Future Growth

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India Car Rental Market Outlook to 2019 - Rising Online Booking to Drive the Future Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as market size of the Car rental industry, online car rental industry and Car sharing industry in India. The segmentation on the basis of organizational structure, by On and Off airport, by type of trips, by booking channels, by type of clients, by car sizes and by cities have been covered in the report. The report also includes the market shares and revenues of major car rental companies in India. The future outlook of the car rental industry, major growth drivers and challenges, porter’s five forces, SWOT analysis and macroeconomic variables are presented in the report.

Indian car rental market is broadly segmented into organized and unorganized sectors. The car rental industry in India is mainly dominated by the unorganized sector which constitutes the maximum market share with about ~ as of FY’2014 whereas the organized market only captured the rest ~ of market share. However, the trend has been shifting drastically in the favor of organized sector. The CAGR for the organized market for FY’2009-FY’2014 was valued at ~% which was much better than the unorganized sector of which the CAGR was calculated at 22.9%. The primary factor responsible for a small share of the organized sector is the lack of well tarred roads, seasonality of demand, depreciation costs and the changing loyalty of the customers as well as a lesser availability of skilled drivers. Only a few numbers of car rental companies in the India have a deep penetration in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

The off airport segment dominated the on-airport segment by a huge margin because of the limited scope of the on airport segment. Also, the on airport rental service usually charges high rates as compared to the off airport segment. When customers book a rental car from the airport, they are subject to various daily fees and taxes that are not...