Panyawan as an Anti-Diabetic Agent (Proposal)

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Panyawan (Tinospora cordifolia) as an Anti-Diabetic Agent Applied to Mice

Statement of the Problem

This study sought to answer the following questions:

1. What are the bio-active components present in the Panyawan (Tinospora cordifolia) stem extract?

2. What are the effects of Panyawan (Tinospora cordifolia) stem extract to the blood sugar level?

3. Is there a significant relationship between the blood glucose levels and body weight in the different treatments?


1. Acquisition of Experimental Animals

White mice (Mus musculus) will be used in the study. They will be obtained from any petshop in Butuan City, Philippines. The mice will be fed and be placed in safe cages. Twelve (12) white mice (Mus musculus) with same weight and age will be used.

2. Preparation of the Materials

The white mice (Mus musculus) will be pre-weighed. Twelve (12) mice will be used and put into cages, each cage containing 3 mice. The mice will be placed in their cages for 1 week and will be fed properly.

3. Phytochemical testing of secondary metabolites

Phytochemical screening for the amount of bioactive components present in the Panyawan (Tinospora cordifolia) stem extract through different testing methods is going to be done.

4. Application of Treatment to the mice (Mus musculus)

The white mice (Mus musculus) will be injected with the Panyawan (Tinospora cordifolia) stem extract.

Measuring of glucose level in mice (Mus musculus) using glucometer.

After applying the treatment to the mice, the glucose level will be measured using the glucometer.

6. Comparison of treatments

7. Recording and collecting of data from observed experiments