Ops 571 Week 6 Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

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OPS 571 Week 6 Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

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Processing Design for Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan Manufacturing is planning to improve operations for fan production. Competition in the fan industry is forcing the company to evaluate operations and make improvements to remain competitive. Riordan has identified three key areas for improvement, process design, supply chain, and forecasting. The use of a Materials Resource Planning (MRP) system is part of the evaluation. The company will develop an implementation plan to schedule the proposed changes. Team D Consulting will provide recommendations for improvements and the areas we will cover in our recommendation are MRP, process design, supply chain, forecasting, and implementation plans.

MRP for Manufacturing

The current process at Riordan Manufacturing is focused on the China plant, and applies material obligation preparation to adhere to measurable desires, which leads tofan assemblythat meets production goals.

Process Design

Operations at the Riordan Manufacturing China plant focusesonfan production. The essential volume of inventory is based on production forecasts. To remain competitive, the company has to streamline the production process and installing an MRP system will help to determine production schedules and inventory needs.

Supply Chain

Riordan’s supply chain process is essential for success. “This process essentially involves the transformation of raw materials or the flow of semi-finished products from suppliers and distribute to customers (Chase et al., 2006)”. In today's market, companies such as Riordan

Production Forecasts

The Riordan production estimates are from fan production in...