Microsoft Excel User Guide Critique

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Microsoft Excel User Guide Critique


A review of Microsoft Excel XP User Guide           

Jessica O’Gorek


William Metzer, Instructor                                                                                                                  

June 29, 2010


The user manual chosen for review is Microsoft Excel XP User Guide version 2002. ( )This will be a critique of the user manual layout, use of graphics/illustrations, organization, and overall ease of the written instruction component provided in the Microsoft Office XP Excel User Guide version 2002.

Upon opening the user manual, the objectives are numbered and listed in a clear, concise fashion with headings in bold and then subtasks listed underneath each heading. The objectives are:

1) Understand the basic components of an Excel spreadsheet

* Task 1.1 Define the purpose and uses of a spreadsheet

* Task 1.2 Define a column, row, and cell

* Task 1.3 Navigate within a spreadsheet using directional keys and the name box

* Task 1.4 Work with multiple worksheets

* Task 1.5 Selecting Cells

2) Learn how to enter and modify data in a cell

* Task 2.1 Enter text in a cell and change formatting

* Task 2.2 Enter numbers in a cell and change formatting

* Task 2.3 Enter a formula in a cell

* Task 2.4 Copy and move data between cells

3) Perform basic mathematical calculations in Excel

* Task 3.1 Use a function within Excel

* Task 3.2 Define absolute and relative cell addressing

4) Modify worksheets

* Task 4.1 Insert and delete rows and columns

* Task 4.2...