Using Material Form Item 2(B) and Elsewhere, Assess Sociological Explanations of the Increase in the Number of Divorces Since the 1960s

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Using material form Item 2(b) and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations of the increase in the number of divorces since the 1960s

The amount of divorcees after 1960 has increased drastically. In 1931 less than 4,000 people got divorced, in 2004 it was over 165,000. The main reason for this increase in the number of divorces since the 1960s is the fact that they changed the laws on divorce. Before 1960 the only people who could afford to get a divorce was the rich business man, whereas now after the changes in the law anyone can divorce from their husbands or wife.

Many sociologists would agree with what has been said in item 2b, in the past marriage was more of an economic arrangement in order for both partners to be better off and rise within society’s social hierarchy whereas now it is performed as a sign of love and affection. Sociologists will also agree upon the fact that woman are now seen as equal in society therefore they will be able to get a job and support themselves outside of marriage, which means that they do not need to be married to live comfortably.

The main reason for divorce is because of the changes in the laws in the United Kingdom. The Divorce Law Reform Act of 196, made divorce easier. Before this law was passed you had to prove that your partner was guilty of a matrimonial offence, however under this law you no longer had to prove this. All that was needed was prove that the marriage had unfortunately broken down, if the couple had been living apart for two years, this demonstrated that the marriage had broken down and therefore the divorce could go ahead. Because of this law divorce took half the time that it would have taken in the past and as a result it encouraged more people to divorce.

The Second law that was passed by the government in the United Kingdom also made divorce easier. The Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act of 1984 allowed couples to divorce after only being married for a year. This meant that people...