Marketin Information System

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Marketing Information System

Jennette M. Bird

BUS339: Marketing Research

Instructor: Timothy Malone

March 14th, 2015

Marketing Information System

The item I chose for furthering up the debate is the ever popular Energy Drink. The marketing issue encountered by this popular item within the marketplace is a highly competitive market for such items, and having to change the customer’s preference, as well as revolutionary methods. Marketing situations must be assessed so as to let the brand expand and grow at an exceeding rate. A product’s launch in the marketplace is a huge task, and it must be addressed in an effective way. Proper and thorough research and analysis is crucial so as to avoid these kinds of problems efficiently.

The Energy drink is very likely to go through every single phase. When an organization makes a decision to enter the item into the market, it appears to be a very critical decision. At this moment, the goal is just to make certain that the item in the marketplace turns out to be extremely rewarding and money-spinning too. Marketing difficulties so faced must be explored upon so as to get to a much better decision. It would make certain that the organization sees excellent development and growth. Each brand faces tough rivalry from the existing brand competitors. It requires for getting to a better decision just like to counter the competitors (Axelby, 2003).

The understanding is very likely to be controlled upon at its best achievable level. There remains a great need to make certain that the workers and staff move ahead smoothly and efficaciously. Correct check must be made upon every single factor. Marketing issue discussed upon must be controlled at its best achievable level. It is highly demanded that the marketing situations are researched upon according to the program.

Marketing Information System is known to be important from the point of view of assisting the organization to reach much better decisions. It is highly...