Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System

The major components of the criminal justice system are the police, the courts, and corrections. These are on both the state and federal levels. These components prevent crime by trying those who have been apprehended, and enforcing the consequences set in place during the trial. The criminal justice system has been set in place in an effort to deter and prevent crime, along with maintaining order and enforcing the law when crimes are committed in a community. This system is meant to provide safety and to see to it that justice is served where it is necessary.

The police departments’ purpose is to enforce the law, provide service to the community, and work with the courts and attorneys involved in criminal investigations, to include finding and providing evidence. The courts provide the setting in which a person charged with a crime is tried and it is determined as to whether their actions warrant a punishment. Those acting in court to uncover the truth and find justice are the attorneys (defense and prosecuting) and judges, along with the jury if applicable. They will determine the consequences to be served if a person is found guilty. This is where corrections comes in. They will provide the early release control (probation, parole, etc.) and the services needed to maintain order in jails and prisons. They ensure punishment is carried out, work to rehabilitate, and that the public is safe from offenders.

The criminal justice process occurs in several steps. The first is when a crime is reported, investigated, and an arrest is made or ticket is written. The following is when the district attorney has decided to file charges. There is usually an initial court hearing, followed by the bail or bond hearing. At which time, a date is set for the grand jury hearing, followed by the arraignment. The third step in the criminal justice process is when plea agreements are made, and trial occurs. After the trial, you have a...